Demodex Test Result Guide : Low

low demodexGreat! You have Low Demodex mite population density.

Low Demodex | Ungex

Low Density

The green color shows a low Demodex density. Good job! Keep on healthy diets, taking enough rests after work, and live your life without anxiety.

The test results are based on so many years of experience and over 1000s of answers by our customers.

Mites are very common in humans of all ages. Those affected usually have tell-tale symptoms such as loss of hair and hair thinning, aging skin, enlarged pores, facial redness and discolouration, acne and itching.

It’s possible. Mites can be linked to rosacea in some people. People affected with mite-related rosacea will often have weakened immune systems either from autoimmune deficiencies or something in their lifestyle which could be causing the mites to overpopulate in the skin.

By using Ungex’s hair mites treatment for hair & skin problems. Products can be brought from our online store here and you will be given a detailed method of application that we call a care plan. Products can be used from the comfort of your own home.

The exact duration of care plans may vary, depending on the severity of one’s condition.

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