What Are Demodex Mites?

Microscopic Demodex mites are a natural part of the human microbiome the ecological community of microorganisms that live within and on the body. Two species of Demodex are found in humans, which are Demodex folliculorum and Demodex Brevis. Demodex folliculorum live in hair follicles, primarily on the face, as well as in the meibomian glands of the eyelids; Demodex brevis live in the sebaceous glands of the skin.

There are 65 different types of 8-legged mites. Two of these live in human skin—specifically in hair follicles. These mites live off the nutrients our skin needs to function properly.

What are demodex mites

How do you know if you have Demodex mites?

If you have two or more of the following conditions, You may have a density population of mites. Conditions include:

Hair thinning

dermatitis seborrheic


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Another simple but effective way to know whether you have Demodex mites on you or not is by taking the Ungex online test.

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