Ungex Online Demodex Test


Test Demodex mite populations online with this handy questionnaire. This quiz is exclusively created by Ungex, the mite professionals to help determine if Demodex mites are playing a role in the health of your skin.

Your test results will be sent to our Demodex consultants at  Ungex HQ directly and if the numbers are high, they will contact you personally to guide you with further information.

Please make sure to give accurate information before proceeding to the next step to take full advantage of what advice Ungex can offer.



When even starting to think that hair or skin issues can be connected to a microscopic mite that you have never heard of can seem crazy! Even many health professionals have not heard of these little creatures or realize the impact, let alone have the right knowledge and tools on how to help eliminate them. However a recent 2014 study found that most adults over the age of 18 have some Demodex mites living on their skin- so it’s not hard to make that they can be playing a negative role in the health of your skin.

Like anything, in a small number they may not cause noticeable harm, but in large numbers, what we call a high population density of Demodex mites means that your body simply has too many parasites to house without your body showing signs or symptoms of their habitation.