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Antiviral Properties in Ingredients of Ungex Products

Antiviral property of Ungex ingredients | Demodex

Did you know that the ingredients in Ungex treatments have antiviral properties? In this post we will discuss about our principle aim of treating Demodex mites, and how the ingredients in our products can also be helpful in other ways too. How can Ungex help remove Demodex mites? Ungex Pty Ltd is an Australian company […]

Baby Shampoo and Demodex

Baby Shampoo and Demodex | Ungex

Does Baby Shampoo Help Eliminate Demodex Mites? In this post, we will discuss the effectiveness of baby shampoo in helping remove Demodex mites. Firstly, let’s briefly review what Demodex mites are. What symptoms may Demodex mites bring out or irritate? Demodex mites are microscopic 8-legged parasites that thrive on the sebaceous glands under our hair […]

Demodex Mites on children

Demodex and Children | Ungex

As a Demodex consultant at Ungex, I frequently get questions from worried mothers about infesting their children with Demodex mites. In this post, we will cover the topic of Demodex mites on children to provide answers for mothers who fear their children can get it as well. But first, let’s take a brief look again […]