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Ungex Demodex Treatment Helps People to Eliminate Mites Linked to Hair and Skin Problems.

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Ungex is your one stop solution for all your anti-demodex needs.

We have developed a wide range of revolutionary products that combine specialised techniques with our in-home care system and Demodex protocol that ensure success. Ungex has received several business certificates and awards, including the 2012 "Best Invention Award" for the invention of ‘Ungex Hair Mites Solution’ to provide a natural/herbal-based care plan to treat areas affected by Demodex mites.

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Seyed Behbahani founded Ungex in 2011.

Seyed has made his company's mission to help those who suffer from hair loss and skin problems due to Demodex mites with a special Demodex solutions.

Throughout his career, he has focused on quality service delivery and remained dedicated to the satisfaction of each customer and the communities in which they reside.

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The confidence that comes with having clear, Demodex-free skin is as important as a nice smile.

All prices are in Australian Dollars, A$ (AUD).

  • Bundle A1..........................AUD $799
  • Bundle A2..........................AUD $779
  • Essential Kit A1.................AUD $459
  • Essential Kit A2.................AUD $449

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Ungex Demodex Treatment Story

Ungex has become the global forerunner in skin and hair care treatments. Through its innovative research, Ungex has developed revolutionary products designed to eliminate and treat skin affected by Demodex mites.

Demodex folliculorum and Demodex brevis, are the two species that live on human skin. These pesky mites can be responsible for many common skin conditions such as acne, redness and hair loss.

About Ungex Pty Ltd

What are Demodex Mites?

Demodex mites are parasites that live within hair follicles. Studies have shown that Demodex hair mites can be responsible for numerous types of skin complications, such as acne, rosacea, red nose, pimples, blepharitis, seborrheic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, eczema, pruritus, itchy skin, hair loss, androgenic alopecia, baldness, aging skin, rough skin, wide pores, freckles, spots, fine wrinkles, dermatosis, rash, discoloration on the face and other skin conditions.

Older people are much more likely to carry more Demodex mites. In the vast majority of cases, if the Demodex mites go untreated then their population can dramatically increase, resulting in many different hair and skin problems such as the conditions known as demodicosis or Demodex mite bite, characterised by itching, inflammation, and other skin disorders. Blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids) can also be caused by Demodex mites. Evidence of a correlation between Demodex infection and acne vulgaris exists, suggesting it may play a role in promoting acne, and may also cause many other skin issues, especially as the mites develop into adults.

Ungex helps you treat all types of human follicle mites known as Demodex folliculorum and brevis on your face, eyelash, nose, ear, eyebrow, scalp, skin and the whole body.

About Demodex Mites

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About Demodex Mites

Both species of Demodex mites are primarily found in the scalp, face, near the nose, the eyelashes and eyebrows but also occur elsewhere on the skin. Each has a semitransparent, elongated body that consists of two fused segments and eight short segmented legs, attached to the first body segment.

Ungex is an Australian Business and All Prices are in Australian Dollars.

Note: All prices are in Australian dollars. AUD is the currency abbreviation for the Australian dollar, the currency for the Commonwealth of Australia. The Australian dollar is made up of 100 cents and is often presented with the symbol $, A$, or AU$.
Tam, Australia

Products work great, just need patience and time. Ungex team very friendly and keep following up with me to see I do treatment the right way.

Diana, USA

I am pleased with my progress so soon after starting the regimen/treatment with Ungex products. So far so good.

Kim, Netherlands

I've been using PDT on my daily use and i would like to have it a bit more. Its a life saver!


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