What Makes Ungex Innovative, and How Are We Innovative At This Time?

Ungex Pty Ltd is one of the leading Australian companies in the production and global trading of skin and hair self-care products. The company is based on a unique anti-Demodex innovation that can help solve many mite related skin and hair problems.

In 2012, we won the ‘Best Invention Award’ at the International Technology Expo for our novel invention to eliminate Demodex.

? What sets Ungex apart from others is as follows:

✅ Our products are not medicine, but a balanced mixture of natural based ingredients.

✅ Unlike conventional Demodex treatments such as tea tree oil, Ungex is gentle on the skin for long-term daily use.

✅ Beyond eradicating Demodex, our products’ natural and herbal ingredients contain antiviral and antiseptic properties that are capable of eradicating many other harmful microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses that may spread from the dead bodies of Demodex mites.

✅ Products like SDT and PDT, if sprayed on surrounding surfaces, can help prevent the transmission of pathogens to other people.

✅ Beyond Demodex, Ungex products also help eliminate many annoying parasites and insects.

✅ Unlike pharmasuticals, Ungex helps to restore skin and hair health with no side effects.

✅ Ungex offers exclusive care plan for individuals to improve quality and expedite the treatment.

✅ Complimentary consultations during treatment is another of our innovations.

At present, the Ungex research and development department, based on the latest researches and findings, carefully reviews, and improves product formulations for further innovation and are global leaders in their industry.

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