All You Need to Know about Demodicosis


Demodicosis is a kind of skin issue caused by a high density of Demodex mites. Two species of Demodex, Demodex folliculorum and Demodex brevis, live naturally in the pores of the human skin as well as sebaceous glands. These mites consume the food sources in these areas to increase their population. The process results in various complications on the skin and hair.

When the population of these parasites gets out of control, numerous kinds of skin and hair complications will arise. Such a condition is called Demodicosis or Demodex infestation.

This article discusses this complication, its consequences, and the proposed solution.

When Do We Notice Demodicosis?

Demodex lives naturally in most people's skin pores, and their presence in small numbers is almost asymptomatic. Demodex consumes the nutrients needed by the skin and hair during its few weeks lifespan. These nutrients include vitamins, minerals, oils, and hormones. 

You will only notice their presence when their population increases dramatically and they have consumed the nutrients needed by skin and hair cells. In such cases, the high density of Demodex or Demodicosis manifests itself with the outbreak of common signs and symptoms of skin and hair complications.

Demodicosis Symptoms At A Glance!

  • Thin and frizzy hair
  • Hair loss on the scalp and face
  • Eyelashes falling off
  • Scalp flaking and dandruff
  • Redness and hypersensitivity in some areas of the scalp
  • Severe itching of the skin, especially on the scalp and face
  • Various pimples, including blackheads

These symptoms are common among various skin and hair disorders, and the worsening of these symptoms may manifest Demodicosis. However, the signs of Demodicosis depend significantly on the part of the body on which the Demodex mites infestation is more prominent!

The high density of Demodex around the eyes and eyelids may cause many complications related to the eyes, eyelids, and eyelashes, such as ocular Demodicosis, blepharitis, etc. In fact, the accumulation of these parasites in any part of the skin may cause various damages.

How To Deal With Demodicosis?

The symptoms of Demodicosis are similar to many skin and hair conditions, so it isn't easy to diagnose at first glance. In addition, these parasites are microscopic and cannot be seen with the naked eye. This makes it challenging to identify the underlying factor, which is an important step in dealing with infectious agents.

Seeing a dermatologist familiar with Demodex parasites for microscopic testing, as well as Demodex online testing, are recommended in diagnosing Demodex. After recognizing the leading causes of skin and hair complications - which may be due to the high density of Demodex - various treatments are usually prescribed.

A Practical, Tested Solution!

Ungex is one of the pioneers in eliminating Demodex parasites and reducing inflammation caused by Demodex. We offer natural and herbal products as well as a unique protocol.

But how do the company's products help in eliminating Demodex mites?

Some of the Ungex products eliminate the food sources needed by the parasites:

DDC spray, which removes excess oil from the skin, makes the skin unfavourable for Demodex to survive, grow and multiply. In addition, this cleanser - which should only be used if the skin is dirty - limits Demodex food sources by removing cosmetics, pollutants and other excess oils from the skin.

In effect, Ungex products remove Demodex from the skin and surrounding environment and restore health to your skin and hair.

In addition, the Ungex protocol helps you replace unhealthy habits with healthy ones. Bad habits may play a significant role in causing these complications.

Ungex products help people replenish their skin and hair nutrients, in addition to fighting Demodex. While being effective in reducing the population of parasites and helping to eliminate Demodicosis, the products help you reclaim your skin and hair health and freshness.

Our consumer experience shows that this tested and approved method is completely practical. The important point to achieve the desired results is that the products are used according to the instructions provided by the company.


Demodicosis is a condition in which a person's skin is severely affected by a high concentration of Demodex. As a result, individuals may experience different kinds of skin and hair complications. They may experience symptoms such as itching, pimples, acne, dandruff, hair loss, etc.

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