Why the Method of Use Is a Primary Key to Eliminating Demodex Mites

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Why so many products fail to kill Demodex mites completely (and how Ungex successfully changes this).

Ok, so you have stumbled across our website and have been reading up on how we help eliminate Demodex mites on humans. But what sets Ungex apart from the other method of use and advice floating around the web?

Well, one of the biggest differences is not only using the correct products (which of course, you can’t do without!) but also the right method of use. We call this ‘protocol’.

So, why is the right protocol such an important factor if I have the right products to kill Demodex?

Well, the general nature of mites is they spend most of their life under the skin and out of reach of most products- that your skin usually takes the rough treatment and mites are only marginally affected due to them being located so deep under the follicle.

We like to explain it like this…

Imagine if you have brought the most expensive, dentist recommended toothbrush and toothpaste. If you brush your teeth to the very best of your ability- but you do it before having dinner.

Despite using the correct products, you cannot expect to have squeaky-clean teeth after a big meal, or in other words, you have not followed the method of use correctly to get the right result.

This is also the case with eliminating Demodex mites. Not only do you need the correct products, but you also need to know when to use, how to use, what to use, where to use and how long to use, to ensure the best possible result!

This method has been studied and refined over the years and is part of our overall package or ‘care-plan’ in the Ungex treatment for Demodex mites. Included is also our support, to ensure that you do understand exactly how to use to best target your own situation and ensure you reach that target of being Demodex free!

Once you have received your products, ensure you go through the included User Guide thoroughly and contact your Demodex Consultant directly for individualised help for your own specific symptoms and skin type.

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