Why Tea Tree Oil won’t kill Demodex

Why Tea Tree oil not kill Demodex mites | Ungex

Why Tea Tree Oil won’t kill Demodex populations in humans?

We often get asked why Tea Tree Oil won’t kill Demodex populations in humans effectively and the answer is quite simple: Because of the nature of where Demodex mites live (deep under the skin), Tea Tree Oil alone is not enough to ensure the full elimination of Demodex mites populations on your skin. 

To fully eliminate Demodex mites, your skin needs to be treated for a minimum of 3 months. This is because mites lay their eggs deep under the follicles, it is crucial to continue the treatment for the correct amount of time in order to ensure all generations of these mites have been targeted so that the infestation is in fact, gone.

Demodex “home remedies” explained

Tea Tree Oil is effective in theory, but when put into practice it is too harsh for a long term use on skin and hair and as mentioned above, a long term treatment is necessary to eliminate the mites for good. This also applies to other topical products such as other Essential Oils, rubbing alcohol and other ‘home remedies’.

“Fire will kill a cockroach but you wouldn’t set your house alight to eliminate an infestation from your home, would you?

Exaggeration aside, this is comparative to the effect that Tea Tree Oil has on the skin and/or hair. Even if you manage to kill a few adults on the surface (remember, they spend most of their time tucked up under your skin) there are still more mites down there ready to come up, crawling out and wreak havoc on your skin the next night.

In the long run, Tea Tree Oil can cause damage to the skin, and act more harmful than helpful. So the expectation of Tea Tree Oil being effective in killing all Demodex mite populations under the skin is likely a false one.

Why Ungex is effective to help eliminate Demodex on humans?

Ungex products not only have the right blend of herbal ingredients to help kill mites, but they are also kind to your skin for a daily use treatment.

The last point about home remedies, which we touched on in an earlier post here is that some products can actually feed mites instead of killing them!

For example, if you dilute Tea Tree Oil with another oil or cream, not only may it not adequately kill the mites, but instead feed them further nutrients.

Ungex provides the correct product and framework for you to get the support you need to ensure you are well on your way of becoming Demodex free!

As long as products are used properly and for a minimum of 3 months (length varies according to the severity of infestation), we do guarantee a successful Demodex elimination.

Get all the tips and help you need to eliminate all Demodex mites with this free e-book or simply contact us directly.

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