What do Demodex mites eat?

Demodex Food | Ungex

You may ask yourself why Demodex mites, these tiny mites select human being. It’s totally simple! They make use of us and eat whatever they want.

How do Demodex mites make use of us?

They eat! Some say they eat sebum, but some other thought that such a diet wouldn’t be nutritious enough and they feast on the cells that line the follicle, sucking out their innards with a retractable needle in the middle of a round mouth. On either side of the mouth, Demodex folliculorum has a seven-clawed organ (a “palpus”) for securing itself to what it’s eating. “All of the structures formed a sharp, offensive weapon, while Demodex brevis, with its five-clawed palpus, was branded as “less offensive”.

What are Ungex Food Habits?

Demodex folliculorum are housed in hair follicles; they derive their nourishment from the cells of the host. Their main source of food is human glandular secretions within these follicles. It is also here where the larvae are nourished and grow into the adult form of the mite. Demodex mites eat off sebum, hormones, and yeast. These mites feed off nutrition that should be used by your hair follicles, but they are like weeds in a garden and eat all the nutrition and cause hair strand to become weaker and weaker.

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