What Do Demodex Mites Eat?

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You may ask yourself why Demodex mites, these tiny mites select human beings. It’s very simple! They make use of what is inside our skin layers and eat its nutrition.

How do Demodex mites make use of us?

They eat! Some believe they eat sebum, but others think that such a diet wouldn’t be nutritious enough so they feast on the cells that line the follicle, sucking out nutrition by their innards with a retractable needle in the middle of their round mouth. On either side of the mouth, Demodex folliculorums have a seven-clawed organ (called “palpus”) to secure themselves when they are eating. “All this setup forms a sharp, offensive weapon, while Demodex brevis, with their five-clawed palpus, are considered “less offensive”.

What are Demodex mites food habits?

Demodex folliculorums inhabit in hair follicles; they derive their nourishment from the cells of the host. Their main food source is human glandular secretions within these follicles. It is also here where the larvae are nourished and grown into the adult forms of the mites. Demodex mites eat off sebum, hormones, and yeast. These mites feed off nutrition that should be used by your hair follicles, but they are like weeds in a garden and eat all the nutrition and weaken your hair strand.

Why do Demodex mites eat sebum?

Sebum is the greasy oil your skin makes to protect itself and keep it from drying out. It is produced in sebaceous glands, which empty into the hair follicles and fills both the hair shaft and face mite bellies.
These mites usually consume fat and That’s why the greasiest parts of your body, such as around the eyes, nose, and mouth are more likely to harbor a higher concentration of mites than other areas.

What are Ungex’s solutions to destroy Demodex mites?

Ungex provides the best solutions for getting rid of these Demodex mites that feed on your follicle. Ungex solutions cut the feeding source of Demodex mites and supply needful nourishment for skin and hair in a treatment period. As a result, the Demodex mites will die of hunger and by completing the Ungex treatment period population of the remaining mites will decrease as well.

6 thoughts on “What Do Demodex Mites Eat?

  1. Michelle says:

    Will the mites feed off of commercial moisturizer ingredients, and if so, what kind is safe to use while going through treatment?


    • Seyed Behbahani says:

      You are absolutely correct Michelle! Coconut oil and/or castor oil can be used to add moisture to the skin without feeding the mites, as well as cutting down the use of cleanser (unless there is dirt to remove from the skin). We are always here for support so please don’t hesitate to reach out through the treatment process.

  2. Still ashamed says:

    Omg I have had such a long lonely road to learn that I suffer from mites. I thought I was crazy now I’m going to to the doctors armed with your articles ! Ty I feel like I have been set free of all my insecurities of not trusting in my own body and mind !!

    • Ungex SKH says:


      Thank you so much for your feedback :).

      You will now be fully equipped to go into your doctors!.

      If you would like we offer free phone consultations totally obligation free.

      click here for free phone consultation : https://app.hubspot.com/meetings/alex505.

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      Look forward to hearing from you.

      You are not alone!

      Kind Regards,

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