What Are Eyelash Lice?

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Eyelash lice/mites are very common among people, especially people who suffer from low immune system. These mites’ name is Demodex mites.

What are Demodex mites?

Demodex are microscopic mites that lives under the skin of almost all human being and feeds from hair follicles. If their population is low, then it won’t draw your attention a lot. They mostly make trouble for you when the population of them are increased and you have high density of these mites on your skin or scalp. As a result, they will be responsible for many issues within hair follicles and skin and cause lots of skin disorders such as rosaceaacneblepharitishair lossdandruff, and many more.


Are eyelash mites related to Demodex mites?

The answer to this question is YES. While we want specifically to talk about eyelash mites, Demodex mites can cause or irritate a very annoying disease called blepharitis.
Blepharitis signs are itching, dry, inflamed and watery eyes. If your blepharitis is related to Demodex mites, then you can see those mites under microscope. They even can cause eyelash fall.
As we mentioned above, one with low immune system can have this kind of eyelash lice but beside that, people with eyelash extensions that doesn’t keep eye and eyelash clean enough will face this kind of problem more.

How can we get rid of Lash lice

Perhaps you guess cleaning and washing eyes, eyelid and eyelash would be enough for wiping out these Demodex mites living on your eyelashes, but it’s not true and it’s only a part of treatment. Sometimes even using cleanser can worsen the situation since Demodex can feed from existing oil of cleansers and shampoos.
You have to eliminate Demodex mites living on your lash, so what would be Demodex treatment?

Ungex Demodex treatment

Ungex with unique technology offers a method to eliminate Demodex mites that are living on all parts of your body including on your eyelash. Ungex treatment is not only using an anti-Demodex product, but also it suggests you a care plan that can make your treatment more effective. It’s not finished, you can enjoy having a free consulter during whole your treatment period to make sure you are using Ungex protocols appropriately.

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