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Ways to Get rid of Demodex mites | Ungex

If you are one of the many people who suffer from skin and hair issues like rosacea, acne, blepharitis, dandruff, hair loss, itching and so on, and you are sure these symptoms are related to Demodex mites and too tired of seeking a way to completely get rid of Demodex mites, read this post carefully. You can find what you want here!

What are Demodex mites?

For those who don’t have any knowledge about Demodex mites, here is a brief explanation of what they really are.

Demodex mites are 8-legged microscopic parasites that are related to spiders, ticks and other arachnids. There are two species which live in the human skin – Demodex Folliculorum and Demodex Brevis. They live under the skin and when a high population is found, it can link to many skin and hair problems. For comprehensive information about Demodex mites, please click here.

So now that you have some knowledge about Demodex mites, let’s explain more specifically, ways of eliminating these tiny mites.

Which products and medicine assert that they can get rid of Demodex mites?

Since now you should have encountered lots of products that claimed they will get rid of your Demodex mites issues but actually don’t. Maybe you’ve tried some products that make your Demodex issues worse, or products that temporarily improved your symptoms, but the problems came right back.

You may have tried many treatment methods and products, but didn’t reach a satisfying result. So here are some common ways that Demodex sufferers often try or consider.

Using Roaccutane

You’ve definitely heard about Roaccutane before. Maybe one of your friends or acquaintances, or perhaps you yourself have used a medicine with the name of Roaccutane or Accutane (with the scientific name of Isotretinoin) as a final step for solving severe acne. You are probably aware of the terrible side effects of this drug; vitamin A deficiency. Simply said, choosing any drug with huge side effects can’t be the right choice for you and there is no need to mention that it’s “just for acne”, when there is a better solution.

Using Antibiotics

Many people have this wired concept that if there is a skin problem like acne, rosacea and etc… that antibiotics help alleviated them. While in some cases, where these symptoms have a source of infection, it may help; it definitely won’t work for Demodex mite related issues. The reason is that bacteria inside a mite may not be vulnerable to antibiotics as they are protected by exterior of the mite and are only released after the Demodex liquifies inside the follicle. So, antibiotics aren’t quite the right answer either.

Tea Tree Oil

If you were beyond those people who don’t have any idea about the problem they are suffering from, you may have heard Tea Tree Oil’s name, which is a famous treatment that claims that it can get rid of Demodex mite populations. But is it the right product? The answer is no. In spite of the widespread name of Tea Tree Oil, making use of this oil not only doesn’t completely help get rid of Demodex mites but also will lead to other issues as well. As Tea Tree Oils are harsh on the skin and hair for long-term use (as you know the process of wiping out the Demodex mite populations takes at least 3 months), it leads to further problems. For more information please read our previous post about why Tea Tree Oil won’t kill the Demodex mites.


Ungex is a company that has been exclusively studying and working on Demodex mite treatments since the beginning. It has received the Best Invention Award in 2012 because of the product’s groundbreaking results that help get rid of Demodex mites.

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Ungex is a proven solution with zero side effects; no harsh Sulphur based ingredients and is gentle to your body for everyday use.

So now you are right.

Ungex is the solution!

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