High Frequency Instruments – What Are They? What Do They Do?

High Frequency Instrument | Ungex

As you will know if you’ve purchased Ungex’s Bundle 1 or Bundle 2 for eliminating Demodex mites, an important part of the Ungex protocol is using the products with a high-frequency instrument (HFI).

But what is a high-frequency instrument?

High-frequency instruments are regarded by the beauty industry as an essential item for skin care. Originally developed by Nikola Tesla in the late 1800s, high-frequency technology was first used in medical practices to treat infections and faster wound healing. They have become commonplace in spas and salons across since the 1970s for their valuable skin rejuvenating properties.

How does an HFI affect the treatment process?

HFIs use an oscillating gentle electrical current which increases circulation and warms the tissues, which allows greater penetration of products, renewal of collagen and elastin for skin elasticity, produces ozone (if you’ve ever wondered what that distinctive smell is when you’ve been using your HFI, that’s ozone!) for an antibacterial treatment for acne, encourages lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness and expedites healing. HFIs are considered to be a fantastic non-invasive treatment for the most common skin problems.

Ungex products were designed to work in sync with HFIs for several reasons:


  • HFIs allow products to be penetrated deeper into the skin, and as we know, Demodex mites live inside the hair follicles and oil glands. Using Ungex products in tandem with HFIs allows Ungex to be pushed deeper into the skin, to be transported under the skin and into the follicles to where the mites live.


  • If you’re experiencing acne and breakouts as a result of Demodex mites, the ozone produced by the HFI is antibacterial, thus killing the bacteria caused by Demodex mites in your hair follicles which leads to pustules on the skin.


Tip: If you’re experiencing breakouts, try “sparking” the HFI directly on the breakout. Sparking is the act of light tapping directly on a breakout a few times. This provides an extra boost of ozone to the breakout, directly supplying its antibacterial agents and also increasing the stimulation of circulation, which accelerates healing.


  • If you’re experiencing hair loss, an HFI will help to promote hair growth as increased circulation allows more nutrients to reach the hair follicle, thus strengthening the new hair.


  • HFIs produce anti-inflammatory benefits on the skin, so any Demodex related inflammation can be soothed by an HFI treatment.


Instruction for using HFI

HFIs need to be used on DRY (not wet) skin. As they have an electrical current, it is dangerous to use your HFI on wet skin. If you use coconut oil as part of your Ungex routine, you can use a small amount of coconut oil on your skin, rub it in, then use the HFI over the top of the coconut oil for easier gliding. Used as part of the Ungex protocol, an HFI is an extremely valuable tool to help you achieve your skin and hair care goals.

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