You have very high Demodex mite population density.

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Very High Density

The test concludes that presently have a very high population density of Demodex mites in your skin. By now, you should have a basic understanding of Demodex mites. But to reiterate, these parasites are feeding off the essential nutrients that you skin needs to rejuvenate itself.

Now you have found out your Demodex mite density score is high, you can take action immediately. The higher the density goes; the worse symptoms get so acting before symptoms become progressively more intense is generally the safest course to take- prevention is better than cure and we have found from previous and current experience when acting early we can significantly reduce successful treatment durations!

So, what’s next?

Ungex has helped thousands of people with their Demodex issues, especially for those who also have loved ones with symptoms, or in a profession where physical contact is necessary like beauty therapists, hairdressers, etc. it is both important and beneficial to protect yourself and stop any mite populations from increasing in density.

Let us help you by choosing an option below- you deserve to be healthy!