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Demodex Mites Under The Microscope

Demodex folliculorum Ungex

What Demodex mites look like under the microscope. The footage was taken from Ungex HQ in Melbourne, Australia 2017. One of the most common questions we get at Ungex is ‘What do Demodex mites look like?’. Because of their microscopic size, it is often frustrating for people that they can’t get a look at what […]

Live Demodex Q&A every week with Ungex

Live Facebook | Ungex

  Live Demodex Q&A every week with Ungex. Join us to get your most burning questions answered about Demodex mites, their symptoms, and treatment- new topics every week! Tune in at 10am every Wednesday AEST. 

Ungex Care plan

Care Plan Ungex

This section explores the key themes that are central to care planning within the Ungex® framework: following the steps, and keeping in touch with the team support. This will lead to full and quicker treatment. Ungex® aims to eliminate mites through its innovative Care Plan and by providing ultimate solutions for Demodex hair mites treatment. […]

Why Tea Tree Oil won’t kill Demodex populations in humans?

tea tree oil won't kill Demodex | Ungex

One of our most popular blog post’s in 2017 was ‘Why Tea Tree Oil won’t kill Demodex populations in humans.’ and we consistently get asked this question from those seeking out their own research on Demodex overpopulations. Some common questions are “Does tea tree oil actually kill eyelash mites?” or “Is mixing tea tree oil […]

Why the Method of Use Is a Primary Key to Eliminating Demodex mites

Method use | Ungex

Why so many products fail to kill Demodex mites completely (and how Ungex successfully changes this). Ok, so you have stumbled across our website and have been reading up on how we help eliminate Demodex mites on humans. But what sets Ungex apart from the other remedies and advice floating around the web? Well, one […]