How to Start a Private Label Business with Ungex


Are you currently own a brand and want to expand your products? If you are working in health and skin/hair care field and want to sell Ungex products with your own brand? You are in right place.

Demodex mites has affected millions of people to have to deal with various skin and hair issues yet there is still a very small number of skincare brands that target towards these mites. We believe that treatment for Demodex should become more accessible around the world to support those suffering from its symptoms.

Start Your Own Brand!

Here at Ungex, we have put in years of research and development to formulate a line of products to help eliminate the populations of Demodex on the skin and hair follicles, as well as relieve the symptoms that come with them. To expand the support for those suffering from these mites and spread more information, we want to help you start your very own skincare brand to help those in need of Demodex treatment!


How Ungex can help you to have your own brand?

From formulating a line of Demodex treatments to helping you organise the logistics of designing and manufacturing, we want to give you the opportunity to choose from our range of products and have your own company logo printed on the packaging.

List of Ungex Demodex Treatment



Skin Demodex Treatment



Pro-Demodex Treatment



Demodex Hair Tonic



Demodex Defence Cleanser


If you are a interested in private labeling, please fill below form. We will make contact with you soon!


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