Treat hair mites for hair and skin.

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Hair mites are no longer the end of your hair and skins beauty, because Ungex offers the right solution. 

Recent 2015 research suggests a percentage as high as 100% of the global population may have Demodex mites. A healthy person with a medium or low density of Demodex mites would usually present as A-symptomatic, but when there’s a high density of mites residing within the human host – usually due to stress or illness (autoimmune deficiencies, diseases) the human suffers negative effects, showing symptoms of skin problems and hair loss.

 Unfortunately this is widely unknown to the public. Ungex have a huge range of products to treat this problem and help your hair and skin become healthier. Our products are of the highest quality essential oils, and are both gentle and effective, without all the harmful chemical ingredients a lot of other conventional products use today.

Those suffering mite infestation are often troubled by hair and skin issues, our mission is to help reduce these problems with no side effects. Our products are natural and herbal based solutions, all aimed at helping to eliminate mites, and further restoring your scalp, hair and skin’s natural beauty. Treat hair mites for hair and skin with Ungex.

Our goal is to help ensure a safe, effective way of helping those who suffer from Demodex mites. Ungex works hard to help eliminate Demodex mites with a product you can rely on and a result we guarantee. We have received several business certificates and awards, even the prestigious “Best Invention Award” for the invention of our products “Ungex Mites Solution” in 2012 as Ungex is the only company to provide a herbal-based solution to Demodex mite infestation.

 Ungex products – two different unique shampoos, treatment hair tonics and Pro-Demodex treatment spray – work in conjunction to effectively help eliminate hair, face, skin, body, eyelash and all other types of human mites.

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