How to Kill Demodex Mites?

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Everything you need to know about treating Demodex mites and their symptoms

Demodex mites are microscopic parasites that live in our hair follicles and feed on sebum (the fat our skin naturally produces). Demodex mite infestations are well known among pets, like Demodex on dogs and cats, but two species of these mites called Demodex Folliculorum and Demodex Brevis live on the human skin as well.

Having a few of these mites on your body is fairly common and harmless. However, when population rapidly grows, you may be at risk of developing different types of skin and hair issues including – but not limited to – acne, hair loss and hair thinning, blepharitis, rosacea, itching, dandruff etc.

How Do We Kill Them?

Demodex mites are eliminated by using the right treatment that will make their living environment uninhabitable and cutting their food source.

Tea tree oil has long been thought to be the only option (read more here), but anti-Demodex treatments are proven to be the most effective in fully eliminating Demodex infestations on our skin and scalp.

The image on the right demonstrates the placement of Demodex mites in our hair follicles. These parasites are nocturnal, meaning that they only come out to the surface of our skin at night to mate.

Once these mites mate and reproduce, the larva is planted inside our hair follicles and will soon emerge when they fully mature. This is why treatment is essential; it is not only for the elimination of adult mites, but also for the prevention of future infections made by these newborn mites.

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What Is the Final Solution?

The answer to the question, “How to kill Demodex mites?” is clear now; in order to efficiently kill Demodex mites, it is important to follow a treatment plan that covers all the required steps and materials discussed above – this is where Ungex comes in!

Ungex has formulated a range of products and treatment plans targeted towards Demodex mites. Besides our products, we have included the HFI (high frequency instrument) in some of our treatment plans that can help improve the skin penetration process.Ungex Value Bundle 1 | Demodex Mites | Ungex

Here at Ungex, we provide free phone call consultations and strive to support our customers before, during, and after treatment. We want to make sure you are receiving one of the best and most efficient Demodex treatments in the world.

If you would like to find out about the density of Demodex infestation on your skin, take our free online test to view your results, and one of our consultants will reach out to you for support and guidance.

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  1. Dena James says:

    I know I have them and my small dog that sleeps with me in my bed. I’ve had I think for a year or so. I’ve tried EVERYTHING. I also think it might be Mongolian disease

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