How Do Ungex Products Target Demodex Mites?

Target Demodex Mites | Ungex

Ungex products all have different roles in how they target Demodex mites and make your body a generally hostile environment for them.

Undoubtedly, knowing the process of how a treatment product works can bring out a bright vision for customers. As a result, the treatment procedure will be improved and be more effective.


What Is the Ungex Mechanism to Target and Eliminate Demodex Mites?

Back in medieval times they used to siege castles, not only by attacking directly, but also by removing outside food sources and making it a generally hostile place to live and thrive for long periods of time.

Ungex products basically lay siege to the Demodex populations on your body, by helping remove their main food source (i.e. oil control), making your body an awful place for them to live, and night after night lessening their populations, until eventually they get to 0.

Products are aimed at your body directly, and also help stop cross contamination in the home, such as bedding, towels, hairbrushes, etc.

How Else Does Ungex Provide Support?

So, not only does Ungex attack Demodex mites on all fronts, but also we provide the framework and support. As long as you put in the work of using everything correctly and communicate with us regularly, we can ensure you are on track and get the desired results of being Demodex free!

Key points regarding products and methods of Ungex’s Demodex Mite Solution:

  • Ungex products are made from natural and herbal-based ingredients, so are not medicine and therefore do not contain any harmful chemical ingredients.
  • Ungex products can be used widely, from children to the elderly.
  • All products except the Treatment Hair Tonic can be used over the entire body. For example, shampoos can be used as a body and face wash, as well as for the scalp to better target the mites. The Treatment Hair Tonic, which has some hair growth properties, is mainly for scalp care.
  • All products should be used at night, as Demodex mites prefer to avoid sunlight. Attack them when they come up onto the surface of skin during the night and are most vulnerable.
  • In the morning, only take plain cold showers and avoid using any shampoos.


The Ungex Mites Solution is not only about the products themselves, but also the technology and protocol outlined below:

  1. Products- Demodex Defence Cleanser, Demodex Hair Tonic (optional- scalp only), Pro Demodex Treatment, skin Demodex Treatment and other fascinating packages
    2. High Frequency Instrument
    3. Correct method of use and individualised support
    4. Improvement of lifestyle habits and changes as well as Demodex related hints

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