How Long Does It Take to Get Rid of Demodex Mites?

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It’s a question we get often here at Ungex and the truth is that there is no one answer, it is based on the circumstance of the individual. To understand the treatment period for Demodex and how long it takes to get rid of them, first you have to understand their life-cycle and life-span (yes, they are completely different things!).

So, what are Demodex mites?

As you may know by now Demodex are a kind of 8-legged microscopic mite that live under hair follicles and in oil glands within the skin of mammals. The two known species that live on us humans can contribute to issues such as acne, rosacea, hair loss, blepharitis, hair thinning, dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, unexplained itching and much more.

What is the life-cycle of a Demodex mite?

When an adult female lays her eggs it has been found to take 3-4 days until the six-legged larvae hatch and another 7 days develop into adulthood. Studies suggest that Demodex mites have a total 14-day life cycle.
However, the life span of a Demodex mite has been found to be up to several weeks and someone with a high population of Demodex will experience thousands of mites reproducing throughout their lifespan.
So as you can see, the capacity for their numbers to increase quickly is high and although in theory it is not hard to kill a mite, what takes time is getting rid of entire populations enough for your skin not to feel or show the impact of an overpopulation (and also not be impacted by various ‘treatments’ aimed at mites that are too harsh!).
So, now it’s time to ask the question. What is the approximate time frame for removing these mites in humans?

The Demodex treatment period:

Although mites have a relatively short life of a few weeks, we speak to clients all the time that have been suffering years and have tried absolutely everything with little to no long-term result. Why if I treat my skin with something like tea tree oil are they not gone?

There are several factors. Here’s four of the main ones that we have observed:

1. The way mites behave.
They spend the majority of their time under the skin and out of reach of treatments that can kill them.
2. Being too harsh and abusing the skin.
Traditional treatments for Demodex mites such as tea tree oil are very hash on the skins surface. Because the majority of mites are under the skins surface at any one time it means that these harsh treatments of trial and error may wear the skin barriers down, and further benefit Demodex as they can take advantage of lowered immunity.

3. Population density.
Hundreds, thousand or even millions of mites may be present, however only a small percentage come to the surface periodically where they can effectively be targeted.
4. Personal habits.
Certain things make individuals more habitable for mites. Things like washing at the wrong times, using products that will provide excess food, irregular sleeping patterns, medication or a stressful life can all influence the way mites react to treatment.
So, what is the actual time period I need to treat for Demodex?
Now we get down to the nitty-gritty (no pun intended). Ungex estimate that it takes a minimum 3 – 4 month period to eliminate all generations from under the skin- but that’s not an absolute.

Factors that can influence treatment time:

• An extremely high population
• Head to toe infestation
• Infestations that have gone on for many years
• Sensitive skin where treatment has to be gradual
(such as eye areas or rosacea prone skin)
• Health issues or stress
• Previous use of antibiotics, ivermectin or permethrin
• A higher number of D. Brevis rather than D. Folliculorum

What is Ungex Demodex treatment?

Ungex products basically lay siege to the Demodex populations on your skin, by helping to create a hostile environment for mites and night after night reducing their populations until eventually none are left (all well being kind to your skin!).

We also aim incorporate positive habits to support long term success and control any cross transfer in the home environment for the duration of treatment (such as bedding, towels, hairbrushes, etc.) as well as a solid support team throughout from our Demodex Consultants who are happy to answer any questions before, during and after treatment.

In summary, what we aim to provide is a complete package without side effects and get results. It’s not an overnight miracle, however it is a long term and stable option for those suffering Demodex and we would absolutely love to help you through this journey.
Here are some of the products you can use to get started.



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