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Ungex has plenty of distributors around the world. Present distributors till now are located in Tasmania (Australia), Sydney (Australia), Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, USA, Kuwait, Luxembourg and more countries will be added soon.

Victoria’s Cosmetic Medical Clinic in Tasmania

Their aim is to provide a centre of excellence in the provision of a cosmetic medical service and in the meanwhile do microscopic Demodex test and and distribute Ungex Demodex Treatments.

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Rich Skin Clinic in Sydney

Highly qualified and Professional technicians that strive to bring you the best results in all treatments. Rich Skin Clinic is proud to partner and represent Ungex products at Sydeny!

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Hair Secrets Beauty Services in Singapore

At The Hair Secrets, they pride themselves on bringing out the beauty in all customers. Ungex Demodex treatments is also one of best selling products that they provide in order to represent healthier skin and hair for customers.

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Hair secret | Ungex

Ungex started to expand its business through all over the world in order to all customers feel more comfortable. Till now there are some agents present in some cities and countries. Our goal is to have agents/distributors in all countries.

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