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What you have in front of you is an investigation about “Demodicosis”, histology, in relation to Demodex mites, its symptoms and how to prevent via Ungex Demodex treatment.

What is Demodicosis?

Demodicosis is a condition caused by an overgrowth of “Demodex mites”. To clarify, the Demodex mite is a kind of parasite found near or inside the pilosebaceous units. “Demodex folliculorum” and “Demodex brevis” are two species typically found in humans. Although the infestation usually remains asymptomatic, it may have a pathogenic role only when present in high densities, besides immune imbalance. In these circumstances, the host’s immune system is unable to keep the mites under control.

It is important to note that mites are specific to each hosting category. Therefore, the cross-species transmission does not occur in this organism.

Demodicosis Histology

Under the microscope, Demodicosis shows signs of follicular and perifollicular chronic inflammation along with follicular dilatation and dense homogenous eosinophilic material surrounding the mites. There can also be a granulomatous tissue reaction.

Demodicosis usually affects adults or people with defective immune systems.


In different limbs, Demodex can show different symptoms. The manifestations of the condition on the face are as follows: itching, eczema, papules, macules, folliculitis, redness, pigmentation, sensitive skin and follicular scales.

Patients with Demodicosis may suffer from eye irritation, itching, and blepharitis. They may experience lid thickening, loss of lashes, conjunctival inflammation, and decreased vision.

How to Get Rid of Demodicosis

A dermatologist diagnoses Demodicosis when a large number of mites are present at the site of symptoms. When the number of these mites is normal, the symptoms not occur.

Ungex products contain natural-based ingredients with antiviral properties that can remove Demodex mites, including Demodex Brevis and Demodex Folliculorum. Ungex treatment reduces Demodex populations on your skin by killing them and helping to create a hostile environment for them.

Our innovative technology takes advantage of natural essential oils to help you with  Demodex skin mites eradication.


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