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Are you tired of having to deal with Demodex mites on your skin and the symptoms that come with them? Starting treatment for Demodex mites can get a bit finicky and confusing; there are thousands of answers and opinions online that just add more to our own confusion about how and what to do – this is where we come in to help, but let’s firstly revise on what we know about Demodex mites.

What are Demodex mites?

Demodex mites are a group of hair follicle and sebaceous gland mite species. The species of these mites found on humans are arguably the animals with which we have the most intimate interactions.

we see why Demodex are over looked and misunderstood, for those of us who know what they and those of the other 95% in healing skin, scalp or hair really have no idea what a Demodex mite is or what it is capable of doing to skin and hair along with other potential health risks for that matter.

Because we are all a host to these microscopic cheeky mites that vary in characteristics. They are all part of the same family though; each will find a liking to reside on one part of the body over another and one creature over another with some really amazing forms and shapes. eyes, mouths. rectum and genitals. Pretty amazing.

Our observations show Demodex mites play a particular role to poor retention for the newly transplanted grafts in patients so much so that I would highly recommend that as a first step in a patient’s assessment. Reduction of swelling of mass cells under the scalp is a big step in checking hair loss and recovery, for us retention of the new growth depends on keeping the scalp perfect ph. and alkaline. Free from toxins mites and build up are amazing components in assisted recovery.

What damages can Demodex follicle mites do?

Demodex mites feed from sebaceous glands and hair follicles and suck nutrients from the hair roots and as a result damage the cell walls. Their infection penetrates to surface of skin right after mating and burrowing into the skin. Their laying eggs, at times introduce bacteria causing infection to the skin These mites destroy the skin by excreting wastes and secretions, laying eggs and dying within its layers throughout the five phases of their life cycle. Even after their death, they can cause harm to skin by their corpses, which become liquid and decompose inside the skin.

What are Demodex Treatments?

Demodex mites in human beings, are only present in hair follicle and keeping them under control, may cause no problems. However, following preventive measures to reduce the chance of the mites proliferating excessively, are important:

  •  Avoid oil-based cleansers and greasy makeup
  • Take showers at night
  • Avoid overusing cleansers like shampoos, face and body soaps
  • Practice healthy habits to improve and maintain your immune system.

But what happens when you’ve done all of the above and are still experiencing high densities of Demodex mites on your skin and hair follicles? What should you do next?

Is Tea Tree oil enough to eliminate Demodex mites?

The answer to this question is still controversial. Although many sites tell you that the best treatment for Demodex is to use tea tree oil, it is actually not the most effective product to use if you want to get all of their population down to zero.

Tea Tree Oil | Ungex
Demodex treatment takes a minimum of 3-months to get maximum results, and overusing tea tree oil for that long period of time can actually do more damage than good. Applying pure tea tree oil is too harsh and will dry out your skin overtime so it is best to avoid it when dealing with Demodex infestation.
Luckily, this is where Ungex comes in and is the reason why we innovate new treatments for those suffering from symptoms linked to Demodex mites!

Ungex Demodex Treatment

We have launched the newest breakthrough technology & solution that targets Demodex mites. Our products have been tested and proven to be effective and are non-invasive when followed by the right protocol to eliminate Demodex mites on the skin while relieving the symptoms caused as well.
At Ungex, we want to ensure you that we are here to support you and help in anyway we can. Our treatments are of the highest quality of natural and herbal-based ingredients that will help reduce problems of those suffering from high densities of Demodex mites.

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