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How reliable are the results?

The test results are based on so many years of experience and over 1000s of answers by our customers.


How do I know if my skin is manifested with mites?

Mites are very common in humans of all ages. Those affected usually have tell-tale symptoms such as: loss of hair and hair thinning, aging skin, enlarged pores, facial redness and discoloration, acne and itching.

Are mites the cause of my rosacea?

It’s possible. Mites can be linked to rosacea in some people. People affected with mite-related rosacea will often have weakened immune systems either from autoimmune deficiencies or something in their lifestyle which could be causing the mites to overpopulate in the skin.

How do I treat mite infestation?

By using Ungex’s hair mites treatment for hair & skin problems. Products can be brought from our online store here and you will be given a detailed method of application that we call a care plan. Products can be used from the comfort of your own home.

How long will my Care Plan take?

The exact duration of care plans may vary, depending on the severity of one’s condition.


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What They Say About Us

Essential Kit A1

I suffered with bad problems of flaky scalp, dandruff and rashes on my head for years. Doctors couldn’t help and after doing my own research I heard of Demodex.

Suddenly all my so called ‘unexplained problems’ make sense. I am happy to be getting rid of them with Ungex’s kind help.
Products work great, just need patience and time. Ungex team very friendly and keep following up with me to see I do treatment the right way.

Tam, Australia / Facebook

Essential Kit A2

I used to have severe itching in one part of my head, used the shampoos for 2 weeks, following instructions correctly, and the itching has subsided, but now itching has stopped in that one particular spot after using it for 2 weeks.

Also my forehead was a little blotchy after a shower. I have a hyperactive immune system, and because of this, I have contact dermatitis and an allergy to dust mites. I wash my pillows, bedsheets and towels after each use. I will update my progress once the 3 months end.


John, Australia / Comment in site

Essential Kit A1

I’ve been using PDT on my daily use and i would like to have it a bit more. Its a life saver!
Am happy with the shampoos too the crawling on my body is almost no more. On the face too is surely less and less crawling each day.

On the scalp its really improving and am happy.
Yes am still using the products every night. Its been 1 month on the products mainly the shampoo and i noticed a big difference in hair shedding. The shedding is very minimal. I used to experience itching on the entire scalp whenever the hair was wet. This is almost complitely gone. Am really happy about it. Will keep you updated.

Kim, Netherlands

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Need Help Deciding Your Care Plan?

If you need any assistance getting started on your Demodex treatment or have questions about how you can use Ungex® solutions, please shoot us a message!