What is rosacea and what are its causes?

Rosacea is a common skin condition that is often overlooked and not taken seriously. Not only does it have great effects on one’s appearance and physical health, it can also have a lot of impact on their mental well being. Rosacea symptoms usually include:

  • Facial redness or red bump spots
  • Small blood vessels or even enlarged nose

There is no exact determination to the cause of Rosacea as it is based off either genetic or environmental factors. It is most common among women than men, especially those with fair skin and blonde hair. Certain things can trigger and worsen Rosacea including:

  • Eating spicy foods, chocolate, tomatoes or drinking alcohol and hot coffee
  • Demodex skin mites that live on everyone’s face!


Demodex Mites and Rosacea

Demodex mites are microscopic parasites that live on our skin and in our hair follicles. A high population of these mites can cause many skin disorders such as acne, hair loss, Rosacea and more. Ungex anti-Demodex products help eliminate these mites and relieve existing skin and scalp conditions.

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Rosacea treatment

To truly treat Rosacea, one must identify the root cause of it. If you have tried various treatments and are still struggling to see results, this is probably because you have not properly identified the problem.

If your Rosacea is caused by Demodex mites, the first step is to eliminate these mites – this is where Ungex comes in!

Take our free online test to find out your results on Demodex rosacea population on your skin.

How can Ungex help?

Ungex aims to eliminate Demodex mites and treat skin disorders such as Rosacea with its innovative Care Plan. The Care Plan is a combination of Ungex products and treatments used in conjunction with the right methodology.

Ungex products lay siege to the Demodex populations by helping remove their main food source (i.e. oil control) and making your body a hostile place for them to live in. The natural products work by sticking to a nightly routine, which will decrease their populations until eventually, they are eliminated from your skin for good.

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