Demodex Mites Treatment

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Demodex Mites Treatment

Throughout your Demodex Mites Treatment related research, you may have heard Ungex refer to our products as a ‘pre-treatment’ or ‘pre-condition’ to hair care and skin care.

Today, we are going to explore this notion a bit deeper and explore the holistic approach we take to providing the first and fundamental step to hair and skin health.

Demodex hair mites cause problems when their population density soar out of control. They not only consume the natural nutrients your body creates, but also consume the cosmetic products you add to your skin that are often designed to help your problem, when in fact you are just providing the mites with extra sustenance, and granting them the means to continue their legacy.

For example:

Many hair products are marketed towards thickening hair and adding volume. Folks with thin hair, often harbour mites.

So when applying these products directly to the scalp, the hair shaft may not have a chance to soak up the product itself, because the mites feast on it before it can penetrate.

So it may not be that the products themselves aren’t successful, it may actually be a case of mites eating the product before it can give any befit.

Which in most cases can lead to nothing but a waste of money, product, time and worst of all, hope.

Now, lets get down to the nitty (no pun intended!) gritty…

It is highly important and necessary to eliminate hair mites prior to seeking any treatment for skin or scalp based issues. Mites not only act as a barrier for topical treatments on the skin, but also provide an unstable foundation build upon.

For example, one of our clients underwent a half head hair transplant before coming to us to get tested for mites. Unfortunately he hadn’t heard of Demodex mites before surgery. You can read more about the importance of eliminating mites before surgery in this fantastic article here by the renowned Gregory Kirk

It’s Highly Important To Seek Demodex Mites Treatment Prior To Any Other Treatment For Skin Issues. Hair Mites Cause Problems When They Soar Out Of Control!

Having an infested scalp can be explained by likening it to a garden, and I will explain why below:

Why your scalp is like a garden:

Say that you have a garden that is overrun by pests. There are insects on your plants roots and in the soil, consuming all the nutrients, fertiliser and water you are feeding your plants, trying to make them healthy again.

Instead of these products getting into the soil, and your plants roots transferring the nutrients to where they need to go, the pests in the soil are getting to them first and consuming them. Your plans start to die.

So your hair and skin are like plants. They need to live in a pest free environment to flourish.


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