Demodex Mites Infestation; Combat Your Skin Pests

demodex mite infestation

Demodex Mites Infestation: The skin is the largest organ in the body, which is considered a strong boundary between the internal organs and the outside world. Your skin protects what you have beneath it from environmental dangers. This important organ needs to be nourished appropriately to maintain its integrity and protect your body against pathogens.

However, like other parts of the body, skin can face various issues. Beyond affecting the skin, dermatological concerns threaten the health of the internal organs. So taking care of your skin and promptly addressing its health issues is a major step toward maintaining your health. It does not matter whether you are a man or a woman, skincare is essential for your overall health and well-being.

The current article tries to explain the skin ecosystem in simple terms, then address its common health issues and provide a good solution to help you maintain and improve your skin and hair health.

The Skin Garden

Earthworms, locusts, ladybugs, bacteria, and other soil microorganisms are all part of the soil ecosystem. The most important point here is that if the natural balance in this ecosystem is upset, some of these organisms grow more than others, or the beneficial bacteria in the soil are destroyed, it endangers the overall health of the garden.

On the other hand, sometimes, pests attack your garden. They consume the nutrients that plant and soil microbiomes need to grow well.. A pest infested garden is cold and depressed. It does not have the strength to defend itself against pathogens, and if you leave it alone, pests will take over the whole garden and destroy all the flowers and plants.

This garden needs help to survive. If you fertilize it, you feed pests more and help them increase in population before the nutrients get to plants. In other words, fertilizing the garden before removing the pests will only make the situation worse. So the best thing you can do is to use pesticides to kill your farm pests and then fertilize your plants. Furthermore, the pesticides you apply should be natural and organic to prevent the crops from being contaminated and damaged.

That’s it! Your skin is exactly like a garden.

Meet Your Skin Garden Pests 

Your skin is exactly like a garden where millions of tiny living things live in peace. These microorganisms are actually your skin microbiome that contributes to the skin’s barrier function, ensures skin homeostasis, and defends it against pathogens. However, once some of them are fueled to grow and divide, they disrupt your skin ecosystem. In this case, some skin and hair problems may occur.

Malassezia, for example, is one of the natural skin inhabitants. However, its large population can lead to seborrheic dermatitis, fungal acne, and other skin and hair problems. On the other hand, a type of yeast referred to as Candida albicans lives naturally on the skin, leading to yeast infections if they grow out of control. This type of infection is relatively prevalent. It can involve almost all skin parts, but most often, it happens in warm, moist, creased areas such as the armpits and groin. Another example of imbalances in the skin microbiota is staphylococci. Although native to the human body, these bacteria can proliferate in some conditions and lead to various health afflictions, including skin rashes.

In addition to the microbial imbalance, parasites can affect the skin and cause various problems for the skin and subcutaneous tissues. Parasites can even cause systemic diseases in humans, but usually, their effects are limited to the skin and related tissues.

One of these parasites is a tiny mite called Demodex. It is a kind of skin pest that has long lived on all mammals, including humans. Fortunately, only two of its 65 known varieties can infect human skin, namely, Demodex Folliculorum and Demodex Brevis.

Hard Truth: “Demodex Skin Pests” Are a Thing

Demodex mites are too small to see with the eye. They are less than half a millimetre long and crawl on the skin with their eight tiny segmented feet and their semi-transparent bodies.

Just like the soil that is full of small cavities, the surface of your skin has pores through which hair grows. The growing hair pulls the sebum up and onto the surface of the skin. These cavities are home to Demodex. These nasty parasites hate sunlight. That’s why they spend most of the day under the skin in their cosy holes. But at night, they climb up to the surface, mate, and return to the depths to lay eggs. Within a few days, up to 50 new Demodex mites hatch the eggs laid by just one female Demodex and follow their path on the skin surface.

As you can see, Demodex pests can grow fast under favourable circumstances and take control of the skin. When their population increases too much, up to 25 Demodex can fit into one skin pore.

How Do Demodex Harm the Skin Garden?

Demodex mites act just as garden pests do. They consume the nutrients you need for a radiant complexion and do not leave much for your skin and hair. Hungry skin becomes weak and vulnerable to a variety of dermatological issues. Some skin and hair issues attributed to Demodex include:

So what Demodex pests do is expose the skin to infection or worsen the already existent ones. In severe outbreaks of Demodex, treating the damaged hair and skin by nourishing them will not result in anything other than further growth of Demodex.

Remember, the first step in saving your pest-infested skin garden is to eliminate the Demodex.

Is My Skin Garden Infested?

Before choosing the appropriate pesticide for your plants, you should look out for the pests existing there as well as their species. The infestation severity is also a matter of consideration. You should investigate and obtain precise data to determine the concentration and dose of a specific pesticide.

Skin parasite treatment follows the same instructions. So before using any skincare products or medication, you should make sure that your skin is contaminated.

How to Detect Demodex on The Skin

Online Test

This test is one of the best ways to identify and estimate the density of Demodex mites on your skin. These skin pests manifest themselves via specific symptoms, and by tracking them, you can estimate the Demodex population. This works out just like the reconstruction of an object by photographing its shadow. On the other hand, some conditions and habits provide these parasites a good environment to grow. The online Demodex mite test uses these shadows and identifies the opportunities you have given Demodex and helps determine their population. Experience shows that the result is entirely accurate and reliable.

We provide you with free access to this test and also help you interpret it. Please give yourself 5 minutes to complete it. If you want, you can ask our consultants for help with your test result for free.

Take this free Demodex test with instantly available results.

Microscopic Test

This procedure is usually performed in skincare clinics and dermatologists’ offices that are aware of Demodex mites and their related issues. The physician removes a thin layer of your skin using a kind of adhesive tape and counts the Demodex under a microscope. If the number of parasites is found to be more than five per square centimetre of skin, you are infected with Demodex mites.

Although the Demodex microscopic test can be helpful, the results are not as accurate as the online testing. This is because Demodex mites mostly creep under the skin, so they do not get stuck on the adhesive tape. Consequently, the number of Demodex found under the lens does not match its actual population

How to Get Rid of Demodex Mites?

If your microscopic or online test results show significant infection, the best way to save your skin is to encounter these pesky parasites. Without eliminating Demodex mites, any approach you adopt to save your skin from mite-related skin concerns can lead to it worsening or, in the most optimistic scenario, just temporary relief.

Demodex, on the other hand, cannot be cleansed with detergent. You can wash your skin as much as you desire, but it’s pretty much impossible to get rid of them.

Unlike dust or air pollution and other typical contaminations, these mites shelter under the skin’s pores attached to the hair roots by their tiny claws. Subsequently, defeating them requires a smart, innovative strategy.

Essentially, identical to pest controlling in your garden, Demodex removal requires a particular pesticide with specific concentrations and instructions.

Ungex Demodex Mite Solution Is The Skin-Saving Approach You Need

Ungex is an Australian company that has introduced new innovative ways to combat Demodex mites. We are proud to be one among the few companies that offer anti-Demodex skincare products. Although our natural herbal-based formulas are harsh with mites, they are gentle enough on your skin to incorporate them into your skincare routine.

Ungex consultants determine the product concentration and instruction according to your Demodex density, the infested area and the complications you encounter. It usually takes 3 to 4 months to reclaim your skin back from these pests. However, this period varies depending on the place and severity of the complication.

Our specialists give you free advice during the treatment period and provide you with a step-by-step guide to get the most from the products you have bought. 

Ungex products

Ungex products are solutions specifically formulated to be applied on all parts of the skin as well as immediate environments. They hit Demodex upon direct contact. Since this pest removal continues for a long time, all the Demodex hidden under the skin are gradually hunted down and can no longer increase their population by spawning again. We wait until all the eggs hatch into the larva and reach the surface, then destroy them.

As a unique feature, you can apply Ungex products on surfaces as well. When you dry your face with a towel or put your head on your pillow, some of these parasites move to these surfaces upon your skin contact.  They can come back into your skin and make the condition worse or infect other members of your family. 

To take care of the problem, it is enough to spray a small amount of Ungex products on these surfaces to eliminate the pests.

We offer a unique protocol as well that helps you change your habits to eliminate the conditions that lead to Demodex overpopulation. These behavioural changes prevent Demodex from recurring and relieve you of them for an extended period.

You can buy our products through this link.


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