Take This Online Test To Estimate Your Demodex Mite Population Density.

Demodex mites are present in most individuals and may have a pathogenic role when present in high densities.

The infestation may be clinically in-apparent, but, under favorable circumstances, these mites may multiply rapidly, leading to the development of different hair and skin problems.



  1. This test is a user-friendly survey that includes 22 questions related to Demodex population densities.
  2. It may take 2-3 minutes for you to complete the quiz.
  3. The result will show the estimated severity of the Demodex mites’ population in your skin.
  4. You will qualify to receive complimentary tips and a free consultation.

This quiz is exclusively created by Ungex, the mite professionals to help determine if Demodex mites are playing a role in the health of your skin.