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In this post, we will look into a common symptom that often goes unnoticed because it those who have it don’t really know how to resolve the issue. This symptom is known as ‘crawling sensation’. SDT is the most effective product to overcome crawling sensation and itchiness, ORDER NOW.

What is Crawling Sensation?

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Crawling sensation is the feeling of tiny insects crawling across or underneath the skin. Also known as ‘formication,’ this symptom has no physical signs and can drive people crazy due to the itchiness, distracting many from being able to focus on certain tasks.

Formication is a well-known condition and can have a variety of causes. The word is derived from Formica, the Latin word for ant.

Is Crawling Sensation a Real Disease?

Some doctors interpret this feeling as a tactile hallucination. Still, it can be categorized as a real disease when it became a symptom of Parkinson since it brings the feeling of “pins and needles.”

Causes of Crawling Sensation

Formication can have different reasons. Physiological conditions such as a decrease in hormones at the onset of menopause are among the reasons for crawling sensation.

Also, anxiety, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, diabetic neuropathy, and some types of skin cancer cause this sensation.

People who quit alcohol may have formication with the visual hallucinations of seeing insects.

The use of psychotropic drugs such as cocaine, ecstasy, crystal meth, etc. can also cause such a sensation.

It is interesting to know that in a case study, it was reported that a woman with severe formication had bird mites.

Also, the clinical manifestations of Demodex in humans can be accompanied by a crawling sensation.

In many cases, formication is most common at night.

Demodex and Crawling Sensation

Demodex is a mite that has long-lived as an ectoparasite on mammalian skin. Two of these microscopic parasites are native to the human body. They are present on the skin of most people: Demodex folliculorum and Demodex brevis.
Reasons such as weak immune system, underlying diseases such as infection, etc. cause these mites to reproduce too much. In this case, their number exceeds 5 per square centimeter of skin.

As these mites move on the skin with their eight short legs, especially at night, the crawling sensation is one of the symptoms of the widespread clinical manifestations of Demodex.

How Can Ungex Help Alleviate Crawling Sensation?

As mentioned, the crawling sensation is a common symptom of a serious Demodex infestation.

For those suffering from crawling sensation and itching due to an increased population of Demodex mites, we at Ungex have researched and developed a range of treatments and care plans that help cut Demodex food source to create an uninhabitable environment for these mites.

Ungex products target Demodex on the skin and hair follicles, but they also relieve and alleviate itching sensations.

Here we have some testimonial of customers who uses Ungex products for their crawling sensation:

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19 thoughts on “Crawling Sensation

  1. James Mills says:

    I have a severe case of demodexfolliocurum. . Due to late stage syphilis and hepatitis c. I went to the doctor and tried to explain the symptoms, she only looked at visble rash and she said the rashes were bacteria infection and prescribed me ketoconazole. She Never gave it another thought. I’ve been getting worse. Infestation is everywhere! Nose, lips,,neck, back, scalp face! .y entire body. I can pull out a hair and there is huge build up of the mites on and in the follicle. Its driving me insane! Can no longer function and its extremely embarrassing. I bath frequently, use 91% alcohol rub over my entire body and scalp. I use permethrin 1% also and it is not helping. It seems to be getting worse!. I was reading and researching and came across this, idk what to do? Can u help me?

  2. James Thompson says:

    I live in the USA. And I have been dealing with this folliculorum mites for over 3 wks. I cant get my doctors to even test for them. The best they have done was prescribe 3% permethrin. Just in case they are wrong. Doesn’t even faze them.. plz help

    • Sepideh Ghaffari says:

      Hi James,
      Thanks for your comment. So now you know that Demodex mites are the reason for making you trouble, don’t waste your time and try to use Ungex products which are exclusively used in order to remove Demodex mites and got help to improve your hair/skin condition.
      If you had any questions, simply ask our team. It would be our pleasure to help you get rid of Demodex mites.

      • Crystal Johnson says:

        I have lost all my hair and I’m going crazy if I can’t get these demodex under control. No one is helping me. Please let me know if your products can really help. Im not rich I can’t afford hundreds of dollars. I need help.

        • Sepideh Ghaffari says:

          We will be in touch with you Crystal. Absolutely our products will help remove Demodex mites. No doubt. Just you should keep using it at least for 3-4 months every night.

  3. Kristie Kennedy says:

    I am suffering with scalp and face mites and I just want my life back. Info about your products plz. I hope they are affordable.

    • Sepideh Ghaffari says:

      Hey Kristie, thanks for your comment. You can visit our store here.
      If you wanted to be aware of our discount offers, you may subscribe to your email. We will have lots of offers in different occasions. Or probably you can call our customer service here.

    • Lynda says:

      Hi Kristie,

      I’m suffering from demodex mites and I itch all day long especially at night which is the worst. My dermatologist prescribed Invermectin 3 mg tablet but it is not working at all, I’ve used Tree tea oil. I’ve used apple cider vinegar all over my body I’m even on a steroid cream and nothing is working and I keep taking Benadryl to sleep but I keep waking up scratching from head to toe. I’m at my wits end and I can’t take this anymore HELP!!!!

      • Sepideh Ghaffari says:

        Hi Lynda,

        I’m so sorry to hear about your problem. I see that you have tried lots of products. If you can give chance to our product “PDT“, you can see it can remove most types of itching, even some of them are not related to Demodex mites. If you want you can use our free consultation here.

  4. Ricky says:

    I’m fine during the day . Only when I lay down at night. I start having a crawling and biting sensation from my toes to my neck . My first thought is bugs I’ve checked many many many times no bugs. We regularly change the sheets but it doesn’t help any. And I’ve vacuumed and dusted at least twice a week. My wife doesn’t feel a thing . Please help me I’ve been like this for two months now.

    • Sepideh Ghaffari says:

      Hey Ricky,
      Thanks for your message. Demodex mites can crawl on the surface of skin better at night since they don’t like light. So if you’re feeling them at night, it’s not wired.
      Most adults can have a few Demodex mites, and a very low population isn’t that troublesome. So maybe your immune system is weaker than your wife and your Demodex population is higher and it can be annoying.
      Sometimes Morgellons can make feel like crawling and biting too. You can read more about it here.
      You can use our free consultation by clicking here and booking a time too.

  5. Rose says:

    Ever since I figured out this existed I’ve had such severe anxiety, I know they are beneficial to us humans but if you have any advice to kind of be calm about this that would be amazing. P.S. When I figured this out all of a sudden I felt crawling sensations( this could be a hallucination though.)

    • Sepideh Ghaffari says:

      I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been experiencing severe anxiety related to Demodex mites. While it’s understandable that learning about their existence might trigger anxiety, it’s essential to keep things in perspective. Consider educating yourself about Demodex mites from reliable sources, seek professional help if your anxiety persists, practice relaxation techniques, limit information consumption about them if it’s causing distress, and maintain a healthy skincare routine and if you suffer from these skin mites, you may start using Ungex Treatment.

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