Ungex Care plan

Ungex care plan

This section explores the key themes that are central to care planning within the Ungex® framework: following the steps, and keeping in touch with the team support. This will lead to full and quicker treatment.

Ungex® aims to eliminate mites through its innovative Care Plan and by providing ultimate solutions for Demodex hair mites treatment. This plan is a combination of unique products used with the correct method.

The Method of Ungex :

1. Locate and visit your nearest Ungex endorsed center.

2. An Ungex certified specialist will identify if you harbor Demodex mites.

3. The specialist will work with you to create a tailored Care Plan (CP) to help combat infestation.

4. Following your specialist’s instructions, the remainder of your CP can be carried out from the comfort of your own home.

5. Care Plan period may vary depending on the individual usage and severity of the condition.

6. After the plan has concluded, we advise you to use Ungex products once a week to prevent any reinfestation.

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  1. taylor says:

    we think we might be dealing with something like these. Is it possible for you to swallow these and they grow in intestines? Kids get itchy bumpy eyes bother them etc. I have bumps on scalp get things off scalp

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