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Common Side Effects of Dermatology Medications

side effects of dematology

In general, the development or exacerbation of common skin and hair complications leads individuals to take dermatology medications to treat their symptoms. However, whether over-the-counter or prescribed, chemical drugs seem to have unexpected side effects that may affect skin and hair adversely. In this article, we introduce three of these drugs and briefly enumerate their […]

Glycerin in Skin Care: Does It Work and Is It Safe?

glycerin and demodex

In the case of skincare products, we usually get excited by wordy and complicated names. Although we admit that otherworldly sounding components do not always provide amazing results, it seems that our brain likes to think so. This article introduces you to a compound with a short name and a tiny frame that has proven […]

Red Skin around Eyes: Is It Related to Demodex Mites?

redness around the eyes

Red skin around the eyes may be due to numerous causes, some of which may even be physiological. However, others require medical intervention. This article by Ungex discusses the reasons and the potential remedies. Furthermore, Ungex products may help you to soothe the symptoms if they are related to Demodex mites.

Red Skin Syndrome Vs. Rosacea. Are they Related to Demodex?

red skin syndrome

Maybe you think they are the same, but red skin syndrome and rosacea are two entirely different clinical conditions. This article will review each of them and their relationship with Demodex. Follow Ungex along with this comparative article. References: Red Skin Syndrome: Stages, Treatment, Healing, and More The Pathogenic Role of Demodex Mites in Rosacea: […]