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It may seem frightening to imagine that you currently have some mites and parasites walking and crawling on your scalp and hair as you’re reading this post. For start let’s introduce some hair mites, then we will have a summary of our specific hair mite, Demodex mites, which is mostly known as “hair mite” than other mites. Then we will talk about best medication or treatment of this hair mites.

What are types of hair mites?

Hair follicle can be affected by some different types of mites. Like Scabies, Chiggers and Demodex.

  • Scabies are a common human skin mite that burrows into the skin and lays eggs. The larvae of the scabies mite can live in and feed off a hair follicle. It requires a prescription medication from a doctor.


  • Chiggers are the larval form of a mite found primarily in the southeastern and middle regions of the United States. These baby mites attach to the skin around pores and hair follicles and cause intense itching, according to the Missouri Department of Conservation. This can be easily treated at home.
  • People all over the world have a microscopic mite, called Demodex, which lives in the hair follicle, but generally does no harm, unless the host develops a sensitivity to them. Ungex represent the best solution to eliminate these mites.

What are Demodex mites?

Demodex mites are microscopic parasites which feed off the oils, hormones, and fluids present around human hair follicles. There are two types of this mite known to exist on humans, which are Demodex folliculorum and Demodex brevis. For learning more about Demodex mites, please visit this page.

Now that we’ve got a brief concept of these hair mites, it’s time to shift to learning how to treat them.

Hair mites (Demodex mites) Treatment

It would be more appropriate that we use the term of “Demodex treatment” instead of “Demodex medication”. So here we want to introduce the most effective way to eliminate these hair mites.

Ungex is the best solution for getting rid of all Demodex mites!

In order to find out why this treatment is the best way to wipe out these mites, let’s explain more about Ungex’s anti-Demodex products.

What are Ungex products?

Ungex is a proven solution with zero side effects and a herbal-based formula with no harsh Sulphur based ingredients, and is gentle enough for everyday use.

The range of Ungex products are made from the highest quality ingredients, making these products distinguished from any other temporary treatments.

Ungex products help eliminate Demodex mites, and as a result, the symptoms related to Demodex such as acne, rosacea, blepharitis, hair loss etc. can also be alleviated.

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