Acne and Demodex Mites: Dealing with Uninvited Guests

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An unwanted guest who shows up in the worst possible times overstays its welcome, comes everywhere uninvited, and embarrasses you in front of your friends. Yes, you guessed it, I’m talking about acne! And more importantly, acne and Demodex are old friends who both show up without any request.

What Exactly Are Acne and Demodex?

“Demodex” is a microscopic mite that has lived in our skin pores for many centuries without asking for permission. Like a genetic trace, Demodex is passed down upon contact from parents to children from one generation to another. The mites density on the skin increases with age; So that 95% of people over 70 are hosts of this parasite.

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“Acne” is scientifically an inflammatory skin problem characterized by spots or bumps on the skin. Whatever the scientific definition of acne, we are almost all familiar with it. Black and white head, painful and painless, protuberant or flat, acne is not winsome for anyone anyway!

Any type of acne occurs almost for one reason:
Closure of skin pores

Why Does Closing Pores Cause Acne?

Pores are tiny openings on the skin surface. If you look at your skin with a magnifying glass mirror, you can see them well. Acne and Demodex are both associated with these pores.
Below these holes are follicles made up of hair and the sebaceous gland. The sebaceous gland secretes sebum, which comes out of the pore through the duct and makes the skin oily and lubricated. On the other hand, the house of Demodex mites and their spawning ground is also there.
If the pores become blocked for any reason, sebum and Demodex are trapped inside the pores. In this closed ecosystem, the environment bacteria and those expelled from Demodex’s body after death begin to sabotage and create toxic and inflammatory compounds that show their effects in the form of acne.

What Are the Mechanisms that Link Acne and Demodex?

  • In addition to physically blocking the sebum way, the mite acts like a time bomb. This means that when Demodex life- which is about six weeks – ends, many harmful bacteria will be expelled out of its body and cause acne by producing toxic substances and triggering an inflammatory cascade.
  • When Demodex mites become numerous, sometimes up to 25 of them, live in just one follicle. (Imagine a crowded house with many sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, etc.!!) This congestion can plug the follicles ducts and trigger acne production processes.
  • Demodex mites secrete toxins that, besides exacerbating inflammation, stimulate the immune system and activate the cycle of harmful reactions leading to acne.

How Does Ungex Help Treat Demodex Acne?

Although Demodex is less directly responsible for acne, it does play an important role in exacerbating it.

Ungex relieves you of your unwanted quest (acne) by expelling another one (Demodex)!

Some Ungex products kill Demodex directly, but most of them control skin oil, depleting the mites’ primary food sources and killing them by starvation.
Ungex products are a balanced blend of natural and herbal ingredients that, beyond helping to treat acne, help treat other Demodex-related skin problems such as dry skin, rosacea, pruritus, etc.

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